2017 Cleaning and Whitewashing of the B

2017 Cleaning and Whitewashing 0f the B
On September 30, 2017 the annual cleaning and whitewashing of the B took place. Around 50 specially selected students were privileged to take part in this 90 year old Bingham tradition. After being briefed on the history of this Bingham landmark at the new Bingham High, the students rode a bus to Copperton where they visited the site of the Bingham High building located there from 1931 to 2002. They then were given a tour of the Copperton Concentrator by officials at Rio Tinto/Kennecott before riding to the B. A new feature of this year’s whitewashing was the road that Kennecott constructed to the bottom of the block B. This new pathway zigzagged its way from the old Bingham and Garfield railroad bed (located several hundred feet below the base of the B) right up to the B itself. This made hiking a lot safer and whitewashing more convenient. After a truck carrying the cleaning materials parked right next to the B the students unloaded the truck and got to work. Weeds were removed from the B forming rocks and rocks that had moved out of place were stacked back on the B. With the maintenance completed, the whitewashing began and within another hour the B had received a new coat of paint. It was a historic and fun event as smiles could be seen on the faces of students and teachers alike as they posed for a picture at the bottom of the B at the end of the day’s toil. On their way home, the students erupted into a huge cheer as the newly whitewashed B came into sight and the fruits of their labor were seen. Another noticeable new feature this year were the power poles and electrical lines that had been placed adjacent to the B to allow for the lighting of the B when the current $20,000 fund drive to Light the B is completed. We would like to give a big thanks to Rio Tinto/Kennecott for their support and contributions to help make this tradition possible!
We want as many of those graduates as possible as well as current students, and the many friends of Bingham High School, to know about this project and to contribute to help make the 90 year old “B”—Our B Forever—both day and night.
Our goal is to raise $20,000, which will purchase the lights and wiring, by August 2018. We hope to have a grand lighting of the B ceremony for Bingham High’s 2018 Homecoming.
How can you donate?
Through the Bingham High School Alumni Foundation:
Send checks to the
Bingham Alumni Foundation (Our B Forever)
c/o Bingham High School
2160 West Miners Mile
South Jordan, UT 84095
Through the Jordan Education Foundation:
Donate online at jordaneducationfoundation.org
Make contributions to Bingham’s Our B Forever following the instructions
given on the website
Both these contribution methods are tax deductible
Through Mountain America Credit Union macu.com
Donate online or at any credit union (except U of U and America First)
Account Name: BHSC/ Account Number 10141458
Through the Our B Forever go fund me account:
Donate online to gofundme.com and search for ourBforever. Follow the instructions given
Any questions? Call 801-518-5082
Every donation makes a difference! Let’s light the B for all to see!