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Candlelight Service Award


Since 1937 students at Bingham High School have participated in Candlelight, an annual Christmas festival of lights and music. Since 1976 it has been tradition to honor someone at this program who has contributed outstanding service to Bingham High. This award is known as the Candlelight Service Award and was first presented to Joel P. Jensen, the Bingham High music teacher who started the Candlelight tradition.

1976 JOEL P. JENSEN – Bingham music teacher, founder of the Candlelight Service and Bingham High principal (1956-1962)
1977 JOHN WHEADON – Jordan School District School Board member (1961-1976)
1978 VERN BAER – Educator with 60 years of teaching experience in the Jordan School District and 43 years at Bingham High School
1979 DONALD PARR – Educator, Bingham High principal (1962-1966), and Jordan District superintendent
1980 GEORGE WELCH – Music teacher, choral director and vice principal at Bingham High (1975-1979) and Jordan District administrator
1981 THOMAS H. “TOMMY” McMULLIN – Educator and coach at Bingham High (1921-1930) and principal of Bingham High (1930-1955)
1982 WILLARD & NORMA NICHOLS – Bingham alumni, founding members of the Alumni Foundation and Pay Dirt Committee
1983 BEATRICE BATES – English teacher at Bingham High
1984 RICHARD GOURLEY – Educator and Jordan District administrator
1985 LINDA SANDSTROM – English and Psychology teacher and administrator at Bingham High, Bingham and Jordan District administrator
1986 ELMA WANKIER – English teacher at Bingham High (1963-1986)
1987 MAURINE C. JENSEN – Jordan District School Board member (1979-1998)
1988 NELL PETERSON – English teacher at Bingham High

1988 HOWARD HAUSKNECHT–Machine Shop, welding and auto mechanics teacher at Bingham High (1940-1962)
1989 VERNA W. JONES – Home Economics teacher at Bingham for 39 years
1989 JAMES W. BINGHAM – Bingham High chemistry teacher
1990 RICHARD ANDERSON – Bingham High music teacher
1991 LOWELL HICKS – Bingham High music teacher who wrote the music for Bingham’s school hymn
1991 BAILEY SANTISTEVEN – P.E. teacher and baseball and football coach at Bingham
1992 OTTO CARPENTER – Custodian at Bingham High
1992 TILLIE STEELE—Head secretary at Bingham High

1993 WARREN “SONNY” ALLSOP – P.E. teacher and basketball coach at Bingham High
1994 ROBERT DAY – Educator and Bingham High principal (1980-1986)
1995 PAUL R. NEWTON – Mathematics teacher at Bingham High
1996 TOM PAZELL – Social Studies teacher and administrator at Bingham High
1997 LAMAR WANBERG – Head custodian at Bingham
1998 RAY JENSON – Educator and Bingham High principal (1994-1998)
1999 GLEN BATEMAN – Spanish teacher at Bingham High and Jordan School District administrator
2000 JACKIE CHRISTENSEN – Home Economics teacher at Bingham High and president of the Jordan Education Association
2001 RON THORNE – Educator, home builder and Bingham High booster, president of Salt Lake and Utah Home Builders Associations
2002 JEAN NEWMAN – Secretary at Bingham High
2003 JACK SMITH – Bingham High graduate (1931), wrote words to school song Bingham Sons & Daughters
2004 DOROTHY PETERSON – Teacher and coach at Bingham High, started Bingham’s girls’ sports program
2005 TOM HICKS – Educator and Bingham High principal (1998-2005, 2008-2013)
2006 JENAE COBBLEY – Secretary at Bingham High
2007 YVONNE CARDWELL—Counselor at Bingham High
2008 JO JOLLEY—Educator and Bingham High principal (2005-2008)
2009 JIM BRIDGE—English teacher at Bingham High
2010 ESTHER HALLIDAY—Teacher and coach at Bingham High
2011 LARRY BROWN—Physical therapist and trainer for the Bingham High sports teams (1979-2000)
2012 DENNIS EDMONDS—Administrator, teacher, and debate coach at Bingham High
2012 CHARLES “CHUCK” and TANYA SHOEMAKER—Bingham High Booster Club president and assistant for 7 years
2013 MELVIN GAMBLE—Business teacher at Bingham High (1962-1978)
2014 JANICE VOORHIES—English teacher at Bingham High (1991-2012) and Jordan School District board member.  

2015  BRAD BEVAN–Physical Education and Driver’s Education Teacher, coach and athletic director at Bingham High (1977-2014)

2016 KEN COX–Counselor at Bingham High (1969-2004)

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Candlelight Service Award